Plaistow Cabinet Company - Contemporary home remodel
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Plaistow Cabinet Company - Contemporary home remodel

Source: @Elmwoodkitchens


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: Restoration Queen
DOWNLOAD v1.1: full .gba rom / smaller .ups patch

What is this?

Restoration Queen is a Fire Emblem 8 script edit focused on bringing Eirika and other female characters to the forefront of the story. We have reworked much of the main script and many of the support conversations in order to create a game that allows Eirika’s story to be fully realized in a way that the original game never did. We’ve also tweaked a few other small aspects of the game. In many ways, they are the sorts of changes that we hope you won’t even notice, but will simply enjoy as you play.

At its core, Restoration Queen is a way to re-experience Sacred Stones in a more actively female (and queer) positive manner.

What’s changed?

The script of Eirika’s route, the content of many supports, and some of the solo and paired endings of the characters. All possible female/female supports now have paired endings, with some explicitly romantic! We also added in a few other paired endings, but we won’t spoil the fun of a good surprise by telling you what they are. Please play Restoration Queen by following Eirika when the twins split up to get the best experience.

Please note that there is one known big bug. Sometimes, during fade-in transitions, the background looks glitchy. We don’t know how to fix it. But, it only shows up a few times during gameplay, it doesn’t last very long, and it doesn’t break the game. It should be alright!


We (Liz and Glitz) love Sacred Stones, but we don’t love a lot of the sexist writing and content that went into its making. In particular, Eirika was our inspiration, as we felt she was short-handed by her route. We didn’t want to change the heart of the plot or the characters; they’re what we fell in love with in the first place. But we saw a lot of room for improvement, and chased it.

How can I play this?

Download an emulator! Liz recommends Visual Boy Advance for Windows and GBA4iOS for iOS. One of our demo users suggested for OpenEmu for Macs. We haven’t tested it ourselves, but it looks good!

Then, either directly download the Restoration Queen .gba rom, or download the .ups patch (a much smaller file) and use Nintenlord’s UPS tool to apply it to an unaltered FE8 .gba rom (cough use the alternate download link cough). Open the .gba file in your emulator of choice and you should be all set to play FE8: Restoration Queen!

Please note that if you played the demo version of RQ, you can use your demo save file if you rename it to the same name as the .gba file. :)

Anything else?

We encourage you to make text posts and post screenshots to the tag #Restoration Queen! We’d love to hear your feedback! Also, please contact lizzledpink if you find any bugs or typos we missed.

Check #Restoration Queen on lizzledpink’s tumblr for official posts and announcements about RQ, such as bug fixes and new versions! 
Check #Restoration Queen on glitteringworlds’ tumblr for all the fun updates - if RQ gets a lot of attention, we may post the full transcripts for all the supports, or other goodies!

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